This resource might not be true, so check in a reliable resource to make sure. Griffin (AKA Gryphon) is a popular creature. It has head of an eagle and body of a lion. Because lion is the king of mammals and eagle is the king of birds griffin is very powerful creature. Griffins are known for guarding treasure.

Griffin from outsideEdit


Griffin made by Fectom

First of all griffin is Huge! It can easily pick up a horse with a rider on it! Griffin is separated into two animals: lion and eagle. The front part (front legs, head, wings) of an animal is from an eagle and the back part (back legs, tail, body) of an animal is from lion. The body is covered with feathers and lion paws have eagle claws. It also has lion ears with eagles head, which may make the picture weird. The eagle is usually 'Bald eagle'. Sometimes Griffin has also snakes tail. Though again, it depends on where the griffin is from. Most are very reckless and wild, very few people in history have tamed them.

Griffin from insideEdit

Griffins are wild animals at India, so they are not friendly to humans. They are rather angry beasts. They feed their babies with human meat although, adult griffins like to eat horse meat. Griffins are sometimes used as pets. On some pictures dark knights fly with these creatures.

What do Griffins do?Edit

Griffins live on high mountains in India where they dig 'Griffin's gold' so they could make a nest from it. Griffins are also sometimes used as pets. On some pictures dark knights fly with these creatures.

Griffins in LiteratureEdit

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