Fairies are well known helpful beings. They put spells on people but with some requirements (like in Cinderella).

Fairies from outsideEdit

Fairies are usually small. They are as small as your hand. Fairies can be in all ages, most of them are old. They have wings and dresses. Of course they fly. They might carry a wand.

About FairiesEdit

There are all sorts of fairies in the world. One thing for sure, they all like music and dancing.

New Zealand FairiesEdit

In New Zealand fairies live in the treetops, appearing only if theres fog. Sometimes they want to teach humans some magic, but if human follows their call, they may lost the way back from forest.


Brownies live alone and they are very rich. A lot of people have asked for some of their money, but brownies wait for the right moment, when the human doesn't have eyes on him anymore and disappears, leaving human in confuse.


Elf is also fairy although fairy is a newer term than Elf.

Other FairiesEdit

Some fairies appear to a human, and help them setting some requirements. In 'Cinderella' Cinderella had to be back at home before midnight or the beautiful dress will turn back in to ugly and old. Man who has given paid for food or help may not look in their wallet before they make it to home or the money in there will turn into leaves. Or fairies give tree leaves and they will turn into gold if they are at home.