Lowland Dozobra, Maned, Two Horns


A common Dozobra, Drab brown and lightly Striped

Dozobra are creatures found in the high and low of nearly any environment. Once considered to be a combination of a Dog and an exotic horse (or Zebra), this has now been recognized as Myth.


The Common Dozobra has many distinguishing features. Firstly, there is its head. Its wide, mysterious eyes have inspired many, some thinking that Dozobra eyes were a type of portal into another world. The dog-like ears sit on top of the head, and a goat-like beard under its chin. One or two horns protrude from its snout.

All over a Dozobras body is Velvety fur, Which lead to mass huntings. This practise is still continued, yet only in small numbers. Dozobra markings differ from individual to individual, but most will resemble their parents markings (usually the mother's). Common patterns are Stripes and Splotches, but some dozobra are plain in colour and marking. Fur colours range from black, brown and white to subtle blue shades.

The feet of the dozobra are very distinctive. They are flat and well padded, much like those of an elephant or camel. The tail is a stump that protrudes fropm the back.

Depending on habitat, Some dozobra have manes. These can be long or short, and colouration will be respective of the animals fur.

Some Types of DozobraEdit

Lowland- Lowland are a common type of Dozobra, found on plains and flats, in temperate areas. This species is often farmed for mane wool and meat. They are the only species of Dozobra that can grow three horns.

Alpine- Alpine are found in the mountains. They have thicker manes and fur compared to that of other species of dozobra. They are mainly vegetarian, but this species is one of only a few dozobra types to occasionly eat small rodents and animals.

Attens Dozobra- This species is found in tropically forested areas. It is one of the smallest types of Dozobra. Usually heavily striped, and a Brown-Green colour to blend in with its environment.

Woodland- The Woodland dozobra is found in forested areas. A variation of this species is found alongside the Attens Dozobra in tropical forests, But most live in temperate forests. This is the most wide spread species of the Forest dozobras, ranging from Tropical forests, to alpine ranges (although this species will not live alongside the alpine dozobra).

Common Dozobra- The Commmon Dozobra is a domesticated species, Farmed for meat and its horns. They have also made good pets. There are large feral Populations of these dozobra, that began with escaped farm animals. Hunting for these dozobra is quite common in some parts of the world.

Cart Dozobra- The only other type of Domesticated dozobra. These dozobra have extra padded feet and are used for carting, especially where there are no horses available.